Best Laptops Under 600 Dollars Reviews 2020

Best Laptops Under 600 dollars

Best Laptops Under 600 Dollars


Are you wondering about the best laptop, then you are in the right place? Here are the details of Best Laptops Under 600. Currently, no one can work without a laptop. Many people just want to get some best and high-quality laptops. No doubt, getting a laptop is not difficult for everyone. But make sure the laptop which you choose has all kinds of features and details according to the latest technology.

At this time, the most important thing is to get the laptop at a reasonable price that will difficult enough to find out. If you have a high-quality laptop, then the price if that laptop is higher as well. At the same time, if your laptop is under the range, then it is not working well like that laptop, which has a higher price. So, you should think about the features of the price as well.

Currently the laptop is the most important thing. As online marketing strategies are increased, and everyone is searching for the best laptop. People in the past prefer the use of a computer and a big place PC, which will take more time to set and adjust as well. When you have the best hp laptops under 600, then you do not need to go at any other thing as well.

Best Laptops Under 600 Details

Here are the best laptops under 600. When you have the proper information on the laptop, then you will surely find out the best laptop for the longer use. So, no need to pick any random laptop. Just get the details first.

1. Acer Aspire E 15

Graphics16.5” HD Screen
PerformanceIntel i5 with 8 GB RAM
Storage260 GB
Battery Life8 Hours
OSWindow 10
Weight4.50 LBS

Acer Aspire E 15 Overview

If you want to get some high-quality laptop, then Acer Aspire is the best choice as well. You can get a good-looking laptop in the form of Acer 5. This is also the best laptop under 600 for gaming.   This laptop comes with 8 Gb Ram that is enough space to work longer and store many things at the time. You can easily play the game for the long-time person and store the games for the later playing.

It has a more colorful display with a loudspeaker that will provide you a clear and loud voice as well. No doubt getting the laptop at a reasonable price is more difficult, especially when you have all kinds of specifications as well. So do not leave it if you want the best laptop.

  • Battery Life

Some laptops are unable to provide a longer time for the working, and many others just shut down due to the lower battery timing. At the same time, this laptop works for 10 hours and able to work for any productivity task as well.

  • High Storage Capacity

It will provide you the high storage capacity as well in which you can easily store the files and share as well. At the same time, this best budget gaming laptop under 600 offers 8 Gb RAM for the use. It will also boost the ultra-SSD drive with time.

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Pros & Cons

  • Good and attractive design with built-in quality.
  • High display screen with full keyboard and number pad.
  • It has more ports, including the optical device.
  • Works at the latest technology with modern specifications.
  • Its laptop blacklight is not adjusted within time.
  • Relatively bulky in the design.

2. Asus Vivo Book S530FA-15” HD

Graphics15.6 inches
PerformanceIntel with 8GB RAM
Battery Life8 hours
OSWindow 10
Weight1.8 kg


The Asus Vivo Book proves that its innovation is not limited to other premium laptops. Its excellent mainstream system is an example of the best type of laptop. Keyboard provides a more comfortable angle for typing. Vivo Book S15 is available in many striking color schemes. With excellent performance, stable battery timing, and a high heat management capacity, it is a good laptop overall. It is proved as the best laptop under 600 for gaming.

  • Asus Vivo book design

It is a beautifully designed laptop as it has a great selection of ports for you.  The left side of the laptop has 2 USB ports, an SD card slot, and LED indicators for charging. On the right side, a DC jack, a USB port, an HDMI port, and a headphone jack.

  • Battery life

The Asus Vivo Book S530 has great battery life. The laptop battery timing lasts after 8 hours, which involves continuous use of Wi-Fi and display brightness.

  • Keyboard and touchpad

It offers a comfortable typing experience, has tactile keys. Its keys are well spaced. Vivo book has an elevated hinge, and its touchpad can respond quickly and performed window ten gestures easily. It best buys a gaming laptop under 600 dollars.

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Pros & Cons

  • Have great battery timing
  • Has speaker that clear output audio
  • Lowest weight laptop than others
  • Have sturdy build quality
  • Have VGA webcam only
  • Has Fingerprint sensor placement

3. HP Pavillon 14”

Graphics14” HD
PerformanceIntel i5 with 6GB RAM
Storage100 GB
Battery Life5 Hours
OSWindow 10
Weight6 IBS

HP Pavillon 14” Overview

If you are looking for some under range laptop that will easy to carry, then this HP Pavillon 14” is the best choice with best 2 in 1 laptop under 600 dollars .  It will work with a comfortable keyboard as well. Many people just think that this laptop will not provide enough display to watch movies and any other serial as well. This comes with high-performance capacity.

When we are getting this laptop for gaming purposes, then it will provide enough storage space to play games offline as well. This has captative screen design, which will work as the magic and give awesome efficiency to support as well. Due to the IPs Panel, it will give the multi-color display.

  • Battery Life

Good battery backup is the most important factor. When you have Hp Pavillon best laptops under 600 dollars for the regular use, then you will get the long-lasting battery backup option with 6 hours battery working. This time is enough for the use at once.

  • Storage

Pavilion storage capacity is enough for regular use. It will give you 100 Gb space in which you can download anything and save for the latter use as well. It will work with high speed without any problem with high storage capacity.

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Pros & Cons

  • Light in weight with a clear screen view.
  • Comfortable keyboard design.
  • Offer hug storage capacity to the user.
  • Dual HP speaker with dual audio capacity.
  • Its drive is slow in working for the time.
  • Sometimes has an issue with the fan.
  • Touchpad doesn’t work with higher efficiency.

4. Toshiba Satellite Fusion

PerformanceIntel core i5
Storage8 GB
Battery Life8 Hours
OSWindow 10
Weight5.1 pound

Toshiba Satellite Fusion Overview

Toshiba Satellite has black and silver casing with upgrade features.  It is light in weight which you can easily carry like a notebook.  Its surface is glossy, which will provide a glossier look to this laptop.  Many people prefer the use of build quality laptops, which are slimmer enough. This will also be used as the tablet in any place as well.The best budget gaming laptop under 600 dollars .

This is 2 in 1 flip screen works according to your requirements either you ant a laptop and the tablet. Due to its backlist features, this is unique enough from any other device. This will give quite a good hard drive processor with dual-core. When you have the mind to get some best laptop for the user, then it is better to get the dual-core processor. Due to window 10 and many specifications, it well gets updates with the time and does not hang as well.

  • Battery Life

This tablet works with long betty time as well. You can easily spend more time with this without any plugin. At the same time, you can also carry it at any place for the 6-7 hours. The reason is excellent and high-quality battery timing.

  • Storage

When you have the mind store more and information on your laptop, then you should get this best laptop under 600 dollars in 2017.  Due to the more storage capacity, it is considered as the best one laptop; you can easily watch the movies and download it for the later use as well.

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Pros & Cons

  • Very efficient due to the touch screen.
  • Has the loud and efficient speaker
  • Get updates with the time.
  • Touchpad needs some improvements
  • Its hardware processor is difficult to understand.

5. Apple Mac Book Air

GraphicsIntel iris plus
Performance8GB RAM
Battery Life9hours
OSWindow 10 XP
Weight2.8 kg


Mac Book air overview

It features the new magic keyboard and has great display quality. It is famous due to its thinness, attract everyone. It provides excellent touch interference and a superfast unlocked system. The latest version is known as the fourth generation and best 2 in 1 laptop under 600. It has great reliability and validity. Have 3 USB ports on the left side. One of them used to change the laptop. There’s also a headphone jack. On the right side, it has an SD card reader and USB type-A port.

  • Keyboard

Mac book air provides a decent typing experience. A fast typist can type 60 words per minute with 90 percent accuracy. It has a definite upgrade and a full-sized keyboard that makes typing comfortable and natural. Its keyboard has thunderbolt three ports.

  • Battery Life

Apple MacBook Air has an outstanding battery life of 9 hours on a single charge. It gives enough power to deal with essential tasks and watching movies easily. When you put it to sleep mode, and it stays like that for many hours, it automatically enters standby mode to save battery life. Its long battery life gives it a title as best college laptop under 600dollars . This unusual feature is what makes it distinctive from other laptops and gives the absolute peace that a user desire.

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Pros & Cons

  • It has the largest trackpad
  • Solid audio capacity
  • Have faster processor
  • Have multiple color option
  • Have an internal battery which is difficult to change
  • Mac book air is a little expensive

6. Lenovo Flex

Graphics14” screen
PerformanceIntel core 5
Storage8 GB
Battery Life8 hours
OSWindow 10
Weight1.6 KG

Lenovo Flex Overview

This is a fantastic laptop and higher efficiency for performance.  This is thin and light in weight. This is one of the best laptops under 600 dollars consumer reports, which you can easily carry at any place and bring for the use. This is best for the regular use as well as you can bring it anyplace as well. No doubt, many other laptops are present for use. It will give you a fantastic feeling when using it. You can get fast and easy to use option without wasting any time as well.

Due to the HD display, you will able to watch the movies and any other serial with long battery timing. Many laptops take more time for the touch them as well give tired feeling to the hand. At the same time, Lenovo Flex is easy to handle a laptop that will not stop and give some relaxation as well. It is a 2in 1 laptop that works with different strategies.

  • Battery Life

Many laptops are best in designing but less with battery timing. At the same time, this Lenovo Flex offers long battery time with fast charging capacity. With a 15-minute power supply, you can get 2 hours battery for the use.

  • 2 in 1 laptop

Lenovo Flex is a 2 in 1 laptop that will work as a laptop and tablet as well. You can carry it anyplace as the tablet and run it for the longer use as the laptop.  It is more versatile to complete the range of different products as well.

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Pros & Cons

  • Fast bootup and light in weight.
  • 2 in 1 design with higher capabilities.
  • Best responsive laptop with Lenovo pen.
  • More versatile with high performance.
  • Its screen is not durable enough.

7. Lenovo Yoga 720- 12” HD Convertible

GraphicsIntel HD graphic
Performance4GB RAM
Battery Life7 hours
OSWindow 10 home
Weight2.5 kg


Lenovo delivered a stylish and affordable product.  Comfortable input devices Lightweight and portable chassis, Good utilization, and silent operation. Have a powerful three-dimension audio space. Lenovo has 12 to 13 inches of screen size.  Its design and gaming profile has an optimal color features because it has a slandered color gamut. Lenovo provides the best buy gaming laptop under 600 dollars other companies.

  • Battery life

Battery time is quite impressive, can work for eight and nine hours on a single charge if you keep brightness at about 60 percent. That’s enough to work for a whole day, so you never need to bring the charger with you to the office. This number even will never drop if you are watching streaming video.

  • Design and constructions

The 12-inch Yoga 720 leads the pack of all Yoga 720 alterations, has the lowest weight, and making it just a little thicker than other laptops, but it does make sense because its small body has to incorporate just about the same hardware as inside the large body model. It’s a good thing that aluminum makes most of the chassis. On the right side, two ports found as USB A and USB C. and on the left side, one audio jack and a charging port. It also has one speaker on the bottom front corner.

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Pros & Cons

  • It is thin and light
  • Inexpensive as configured
  • Full HD display and a full-size keyboard
  • Screen bounces with figure tap

8. Dell Inspiron 17 5000

PerformanceIntel Core i5 3.6 GHz
Storage1 TB SATA
Battery LifeUp to 5 hours
OSWindow 10
Weight6.1 IBS


Dell Inspiron Overview

This best laptops under 600 dollars are the best choice for long and regular use.  This has full speed with a full display, which will provide more fun to the user. This laptop is based on the latest technology and modern specifications. It is protected with a glare protection cover.

This laptop runs on the latest window modifications and comes with high performance. This laptop has the best response time for the use that will not hang and work with high efficiency. All important information and data will be saved on this laptop.

  • Battery Life

The laptop, which had more than 5 hours battery timing, is considered as the best one. You can play anything and watch any movies with this long time. At the same time, you can also carry it for longer use.

  • Design

This best buy gaming laptops under 600 dollars has a sleek and compact design with many specifications. You can attach it to any other device as well. Due to the developed design, it will improve the appearance of the place. This laptop is considered as wonderful enough.

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Pros & Cons

  • Efficient for the longer use.
  • It has high HD performance with theft specifications.
  • It comes with multi attachment options.
  • Full HD anti-Glare screen with LED-backlit display.
  • Its screen is not best as compare to any other laptop.
  • Sometimes it becomes hot after the longer use.

9. Asus Q304UA – 13 Inch

Graphics13.3” HD
PerformanceIntel i5 with 6 GB1
Storage1000 Gb
Battery LifeUp to 10 house
OSWindow 10
Weight3.31 IBS

Asus Q304UA Overview

It is difficult to find some best laptops like the Asus Q304UA that is considered as one of the high-quality laptops among all best laptops under 600 dollars .   This is one of the cheapest and builds in quality laptops. This will provide multi appearances at the time; you can watch the movies on the classical laptop as well as use it as the tablet as well. People think that its size is not enough to use.

You can get a longer display with high technology mode and light in weight. This laptop delivered a quality performance with more durability. This has a hybrid style and works on any mode which you like the most. This is slimmer than any other notebook, which gives sleek design as well. Its 6 Gb RAM is enough for the multi tabbing and many other purposes.

  • Screen and Graphic

This best 2 in 1 laptop under 600 has 13 “HD display. This will work like magic and provides a wide viewing angle. Its HD screen will sometime get the problem into the sunlight, but you can get the view as you want. It has an integrated graphics card that will play at the best resolution.

  • Battery Life

Getting long battery time is every person’s wish, and no one can get high battery timing at a reasonable price. At the same time, this laptop works for 10 hours with fast charging capacity. You can watch many things at the time without any plugin.

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Pros & Cons

  • Light and high in quality with 2 in 1 ability.
  • Good performance with an HD screen.
  • Long battery life that works for a long time period.
  • Superior graphic card design.
  • Poor sound system.

10. HP 15-ay011nr- 15” HD

PerformanceIntel i5 with 8 GB
Storage1000 GB
Battery LifeUp to 7 Hours
OSWindow 10
Weight4.7 IBS

HP 15-ay011nr Overview

This is slim, lightweight, and a high-quality laptop for everyday use.  This is also considered as the best buy gaming laptops under 600 dollars .   This is a highly affordable laptop that can get easily without investing more amount. Its 8 GB RAM is enough to store the files for a long time and use it for later life as well. This space is pretty good, according to the price.

This best budget gaming laptop under 600 dollars provides a full anti-glare HD screen display. At the same time, it does not come with a sperate video card, which is not important as well. You can watch anything with the HD display without any problem. This laptop is considered as the best enough from any other latest laptop. Its keyboard comes with a keypad with backlighting.

  • Battery Life

It should last for about 6 hours. At the same time, 6 hours are the best time to watch anything and get new ideas as well. No doubt, it is the most important to consider the battery life, but with this battery life, you will get amazing HD views.

  • Drive Performance

Its 1 TB hard drive is the best enough to store the files for the longtime period. Many laptops provide no enough space for this aim. This is the reason many are unable to save important information. This drive capacity will dramatically increase the speed of the laptop as well.

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Pros & Cons

  • 15” HD large and clear display.
  • Great value with good performance.
  • Light in weight, which will easy to carry at any place.
  • Stronger hard drive capacity that can store large files.
  • The touchpad is not smoother.

11. HP Spectre X2- 12” HD Detachable

Graphics11 to 13 inches
Performance8GB of RAM
Storage128 GB SSD
Battery Life10 HOURS


HP Spectre X2 is a brilliantly designed laptop and is designed for those who want to enjoy excellent performance. The latest version has a very sleek, sandblasted aluminum finish with a variety of smart features.  You can separate its screen from the keyboard and enjoy it’s all features. It is the best laptop under 600 dollars has a unique kickstand design as a user can rotate it at 150 degrees and adjust smoothly to any viewing angle. You will enjoy its great and valuable feature as it is much better than many other laptops.

  • Battery Time

10 hours are best to get longer work from any laptop. This best laptop under 600 dollars 2017 battery timing is enough for the use. You can work for a long time period without any hectic as well. Due to the high-quality battery system, it will never demand more plugin time.

  • Comfortable Keyboard

Many keyboards are unable to perform comfortably that will give enough time to the user. At the same time, this best college laptops under 600 dollars will work with a comfortable keyboard design and give more fun and time to the user. You can work for a long time period without any problem.

  • Detachable Option

Sometimes people just want to get some light and easy to carry things which will work the same as the laptop. This laptop provides the detachable abilities that you can avail of as well. This best budget gaming laptop under 600 dollars is detachable as well.

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Pros & Cons

  • Sleek design and brilliant display
  • Comfortable keyboard and strong performance
  • Study hinge
  • Active pen and USB type-A port
  • It may be expensive than many others.

Things to Consider While Buying a laptop

No need to pick any random laptop for the longer use. When you are making some investment, then it is your responsibility to considers some things as well. Here are some things that must be considered while buying a laptop.

1. Storage

When it comes to the storage, then tow things are mots important one is the SSD, and another one is the HDD. The storage is the most important thing that you should not neglect as well. Make sure the laptop which you chose will really provide you enough storage.

2. Battery Life

Are you finding out some best and long-lasting laptop? You should consider the battery life of this laptop. Make sure that your laptop battery is running longer and provide you more time to do work properly.

3. CPU

CPU is present inside of the laptop. You should pick the laptop with the right CPU placement, which will up to date and work with high efficiency as well. Best budget gaming laptops under 600 dollars has a good and long-lasting CPU.

4. RAM

RAM is another one thing that is the most important as well. When you are getting some best laptop, make sure the RAM of that laptop.  Either it will work at 8GB RAM and more too. The RAM amount will tell you the Laptop qualities.

5. Portability

This is the most important thing that you should mist consider either the laptop is slim, efficient, and best in the working. If you have to wish to get the best laptops under 600 dollars , then it is the most important to find out the portability details. As the slim and high portable device is considered most of this time.

6. Price

Price is the most important factor that should consider while getting the laptop.  Many people just read out the specifications and do not go through the price. Always prefer the lower price with more specifications that will work longer as well. With the proper search, you can get an awesome device at a lower price.


Best laptops under 600 dollars details are mentioned that you should go through as well. No doubt, many laptops are existing and comes with the time. If you want some high performance and trendy appearance laptop, then no other will be like the mentioned. This is the online world, and everyone has the wish to get a fast and slim device that will not demand more specie as well. You can choose anyone according to your needs and uses. I hope so you will get awesome and amazing results with an efficient laptop.


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