Best MMO Mouse

Best MMO Mouse

MMO games are top-rated for some time now. It is fascinating to know that the manufacturers have created dedicated MMO Mouse with a ton of side buttons. There are also many hotkeys right at the tip of thumb for a quick casting. When you are going to shop for the best MMO Mouse, there is a great need to take into account the build quality and the shape of the mouse.

We all know that gaming mice have come a long way in the past decade.  Of course, the primary thing you probably want in your MMO mouse is several different buttons. It is essential to know that casual computer mice are very insufficient for the needs of a die-hard gamer.

It is essential to keep in mind that MMOs require you to manage a lot of things at once. However, the player must choose the mouse that has the primary buttons and the necessary customization options. These options will allow the gamer to manage every complex macro assign to it. For this purpose, we have combined the many options and put together. We are here to show the list of the best MMO gaming mouse available right now. You can also get additional help from the buying guide.

First of all, it is essential to know for the players that the selection of the best MMO mouse can allow you to succeed in your gaming ventures.  Before moving to a complete review of gaming mice, you have to know that the best gaming MMO mouse is lightweight because they allow you to move quickly when needed.

There is a variety of MMO mice offered today, and picking one can be very difficult and confusing. But now there is no need to worry because this is going to serve you as a guide for you to choose the best MMO gaming mouse.

1. Logitech G502

When you think of MMO mice, the first thing that comes in your mind is the mice with a 12-button grid on the side. It is fascinating to know that Logitech is considered as one of the best MMO gaming mice, especially for World of Warcraft.

  • Main features of Logitech G502

As we know that there are several different types of Massively Multiplayer Online games that are unable to work well with that grid system.  Many MMO gamers’ playstyle can be not connected with it either. You will be amazed to know that Logitech G502 allows you to get several features. Here I the description of some of the major ones:

  • Programmable buttons

The company though that 11 programmable buttons of the G502 are enough for World of Warcraft and most MMO players. There is the number of customization options, quality, and software that you get for the price makes, and this MMO mouse the best overall. It is essential to know that the new Hero brings you an upgraded sensor and not much else for about double the price.

  • Customized

It is crucial to keep in mind that mouse customization is considered as essential for MMO players. However, and the G502 is all about it. You will be amazed to know that Logitech G502 allows you to customize all 11 buttons. Moreover, you can also customize the DPI, the current macro profile, and even the balance quickly and easily.

  • Solid structure

The Logitech G502 fits comfortably in the palm of most gamers’ hands. The mouse is suitable for long raids or a marathon of DOTA 2 matches. It is also essential to tell you that there are also numerous LEDs like you might see in other MMO mice. However, the money of gamer is instead spent on quality and durability from a reputable brand.

  • Easy to use

There is also an option of your customizing in the included Logitech software. You will be surprised to know that the software’s user interface is streamlined and relatively easy to use. Some of the mouse button profiles can be stored onboard the mouse and alternated manually. However, some of the reviewers complain about a few bugs in the software here and there. There is no need to be worry because this kind of issue is something you’ll see crop up easily.

  • Long-lasting

If you want to put most of your hours into World of Warcraft or other MMOs, then you should get a grid-style button layout. The model is easy to use and long-lasting. People who want to get a mouse that will last you many years, through many different MMOs, then this is the best MMO mouse to go with.

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Pros & Cons

  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Tons of customization options
  • RGB lighting options
  • Adjustable scroll wheel
  • Right-handed design only
  • No 12-button grid layout
  • Not many LEDs to show off RGB colors

2. UtechSmart Venus

First of all, it is essential to know that the UtechSmart Venus is not only a right MMO mouse for the people who are on a tight budget, but it is also a reasonable MMO mouse period. The best thing about this product is that it includes many of the features that the player typically see in much more expensive mice.

  • Main features of UtechSmart Venus

It is fascinating to know that the UtechSmart Venus allows you to enjoy several notable and advanced features of a gaming mouse. Moreover, it is considered as the best MMO mouse 2019 because it is very affordable and easy to use. Let’s check out some essential features:

  • 12 button grid

A maximum number of features seems to be fascinating, and Venus MMO mouse is all about, with a whopping 18 different buttons. Along with this, there is a standard 12-button grid layout above the thumb rest. Here is good news for the payers that there is also an additional fire button,  DPI up/down.

Furthermore, the mouse also includes and a button on the bottom to switch between different saved profiles. You can also adjust these files in the included software, along with other necessary changes. However, the included software does miss the mark a bit.

  • Easy to use

Many customers complain that the software is sufficient yet limited. They feel difficulty in usage. But that’s not true because the programming is elementary and easy to use. However, color choices are also vast, and the buttons also work smoothly.

  • Advanced features

Along with the software, the Utechsmart Venus also contains a lot of small finishing touches. You can never expect these features from a mouse in this price range. The MMO mouse allows you to get the features such as the ring-finger rest, braided cable, LEDs to indicate sensitivity, Teflon feet pads, backlit grid buttons. Furthermore, there is additional decorative lighting that this mouse feels a lot more expensive.

There is also a removable weight-tuning cartridge. As it is described, there are a vast amount of buttons and customization options. So, the mouse could feasibly be used for all types of games, not only MMOs.

  • Affordable

The UtechSmart Venus allows you to get all the features that you are looking for in an MMO mouse. Here is surprising news for the players that it also has all the features that a mouse three times its price would have, but the quality of some of the components and the software can leave something to be desired.

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Pros & Cons

  • Lots of buttons and features
  • Buttons are available to switch between the button profiles
  • Illuminated buttons
  • DPI adjustment buttons along with LED indicator
  • Right-handed design only
  • Some durability issues in reviews
  • It is not considered as a well-known
  • Only five colors are available for choosing.

3. Razer Naga Chroma RGB Ergonomic

The Razer Naga Chroma is the best gaming mouse MMO that allows you to enjoy your gaming experience. Along with a total of 19 buttons, the gaming mouse is set for the most challenging multiplayer games.

  • Main features if Razer Naga Chroma RGB Ergonomic

It is the best mouse for MMO and FPS that allows you to get a lot of amazing features. One of the main advantages is the ergonomic shape that makes it more attractive. Let’s discuss some of the main features of the best gaming mouse, MMO.

  • Programmable buttons

You will be amazed to know that Razer Naga Chroma RGB has 19 programmable buttons that will allow you to create macros and profiles. These profiles will give you an easy reach to your spells. We can also call it the best 12 buttons MMO mouse. All the buttons are mechanical, which provides you with a chance for faster actuation, which means speedier execution of all the commands.

  • Design

The MMO mice explore a concave button design that can fit easily into your finger muscle memory. The most exciting thing about this gaming mouse is if you are a novice, you can still have a smooth learning curve. In this way, you can easily navigate the keys by feel.

  • Performance 

The RGB lighting allows you to access to the light spectrum that makes it the best MMO mouse. It means you can efficiently allocate a color to each key that makes it effortless to locate the keys. However, your eyes will tune in to a specific key through the light spectrum.

  • DPI

When we talk about the sensitivity, the mouse feels you that you are going to work with one of the most precise MMO gaming mice. It is fascinating to know that the mouse has 16,000 DPI that is considered a clear indication of its accuracy.

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Pros & Cons

  • Thumb grid carries mechanical buttons
  • Each key of the mouse is customizable to your skillset
  • Full RGB lighting
  • The scroll wheel moves in every direction
  • Little bit complains about the software
  • Not suitable for sweaty hands

4. Redragon M901 Perdition

The Redragon M901 gaming mouse is considered as an affordable alternative for the best MMO gaming mouse. The mouse is famous because of a sleek design with black and red accents on a plastic body. It is one of the best MMO mouse in pocket- friendly prices.

  • Main features of Redragon M901 Prediction

Although the mouse is made of plastic, it does not affect its rigidity. It is fascinating to know that the mouse can last a decent period. You can enjoy a lot of notable features such as:

  • Design Features 

Redradon M901 MMO mouse comes with a total of 18 programmable buttons. These buttons allow the gamer to create up to five profiles for tracking the spells. However, with the option of allocating any color on the light spectrum to the patterns, can access as fast as your game takes.

  • Comfortable

People who want to spend hours playing the League of Legends or World of Warcraft, they will be happy with this mouse’s ergonomics. We can also call it the best MMO mouse because it fits the hand naturally. In this way,  you can game for as long as you want without aching your fingers.

  • DPI

The mouse is considered as a high precision MMO mouse that comes with adjustable DPI. The DPI can range from 1000 to a maximum DPI of 16,400DPI. It allows you to get pinpoint accuracy from the Avago sensor. The sensor is complemented by the Omron Micro Switch sensor that is considered an excellent mouse to grace all your next games.

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Pros & Cons

  • Ergonomic button placement
  • Five color modes
  • Teflon feet pads
  • RGB LED color lightening
  • Grinding noise when scrolling
  • Little bit heavy
  • May take time to get used to

5. Corsair Scimitar Pro 

Corsair is renowned for bringing some of the most reliable, hardy, and sought after hardware products. It is also considered as the best MMO mouse that your money can buy. However, that’s the sort of pedigree that you can get when you look to purchase from Corsair.

  • Main features of Corsair Scimitar Pro

The Scimitar Pro is the best MMO gaming mouse that comes to shelves with the superb build quality. It allows the gamer to enjoy the fantastic in-game performance with several notable features such as:

  • Design

First of all, let’s talk about design that looks cool. The mouse is considered as the best MMO mouse with an attractive shape. However, the metal chassis sits under the plastic shell. We can also say that the mouse almost looks like some kind of racing car.

It is fascinating to know that Corsair has designed the Scimitar Pro with ergonomics in mind that allows you to get a number pad. The number pad of the mouse is curved inwards that allows your thumb to sit more freely. Furthermore, the shell is shaped in such a way that your palm can sit comfortably for long periods.

  • Sensor

The sensor of the best MMO mouse is a custom, gaming-grade with PMW3367 optical sensor that offers superb accuracy and responsiveness. It is fascinating to know that the mouse has also been custom designed to work on almost any kind of surface. It is also called as the best MMO mouse 2019.

  • Programmable buttons

The mouse comes with an impressive 17 buttons, and all are mechanical. It means that they are not going to fail on you anytime soon. Furthermore, the number pad can also be moved by up to 8mm that allows the gamers to find the perfect position.

This mouse comprises tons of different features towards MMO players. However, if you are big into your MOBA/MMO games, this selection should be high on your considerations list.

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Pros & Cons

  • Fantastic aesthetic design
  • Customizable number pad position
  • Superb build quality
  • Mechanical buttons
  • The mouse is heavy
  • Pricy

5. Razer Naga Trinity

We can describe the Razor Naga Trinity into three words: powerful, ergonomic, and accessible. The name of the mouse Trinity is due to its three customizable side buttons. You can easily swap the buttons at any time.

  • Main features if Razor Naga Trinity

If you are in search of an ideal MMORPG mouse, there is nothing best as Razer Naga Trinity. We can also call it the best 12 button MMO mouse. The mouse is designed to achieve maximum benefits. However, the description of the main features of the best MMO mouse is here:

  • Buttons/Scroll Wheel

One of the exceptional selling points of the mouse is that you can change the side plate according to the game you play. The mouse features the 12-button layout that is enough to get the best gaming experience.

However, you can also switch it out for a simple 2-button layout for FPS gaming. The mouse can easily be converted for day to day use. Moreover, reduce it down to a seven-button MOBA layout that is considered very convenient for any MMO player.

  •  Build Quality

The Razer Naga Trinity is covered in hard plastic, and each side of the mouse is attached with rubber grips and flaunts. However, the signature Razer RGB colors from top to bottom look very Games. Along with this, all the side buttons of the mouse are well-placed, which means there is no frequent case of misclicking. It is fascinating to know that the Naga is built with top-quality materials to get an optimal, accurate result.

  • Sensor

Here’s the good news for the gamers because Naga Trinity uses 5G optical sensor with up to 16000 DPI. In layman’s terms, we can say that the player feels little to no input lag along with the competitive edge over opponents.

  • Weight

For the best MMO mouse, the Razer Naga Trinity feels quite heavy. It carries approximately 120 g of weight. However, this feature can either be good or bad, but it depends on how you want your mouse to weigh. However, For MMORPGs, light to the medium-light mouse is preferred by the players.

  • Hand Size/Grip

The Razer Naga Trinity is fit for any hand size because the 12 buttons on the side are too small.  Here is a little drawback about the buttons that you may think you have clicked on button six, but it hit button 5. However, it will take some time to get used to and adjust to the mouse. The mouse allows you to play your games with either a claw grip or a palm grip.

  • Software

It is essential to keep in mind that Razer Naga Trinity uses a Razer Synapse 3 driver that allows you to adjust the DPI up to a maximum of 16000.  Furthermore, synapse also will enable you to change the RGB colors along with the map of 12 keys. You can also assign the colors according to the game you are playing. It adds a bit of personal touch whenever you want to go aggressive or calm with your game.

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Pros & Cons

  • High quality, great value
  • Multiple functions
  • The mouse can suit on various hand sizes and grip styles
  • It takes some time to configure
  • Expensive
  • Heavy

6. Asus ROG Spatha

The Spatha from the Asus Republic of Gamers cost more than your average mouse. Although it is expensive, it also unmatched in terms of quality, and it also has a ton of fantastic features.

  • Main features of Asus ROG Spatha

Asus ROG Spatha is an immensely qualitative and luxurious mouse with a lot of features. Here is the description of some of the significant features of this mouse.

  • Building material

It is fascinating to know that the mouse is put together with an array of quality materials. The MMO gaming mouse is made up of magnesium alloy plate glides to the overall design that oozes with quality. The only downside to the build of the mouse is that it weighs in at 178 grams. However, we can say that the mouse is slightly more than your average mouse.

  • Customized

You will be surprised to know that everything is customizable down to the smallest details. The mouse also comes with a built-in flash memory that can store multiple profiles. It is known as the fantastic feature if you use different macros or key bindings in various settings.

  • Programmable buttons

The Spatha comes with 12 programmable buttons that are more than enough for some people. We can also say that the button layout takes a little bit of time to get used to, as it is a lot different from the classic MMO mice, such as the Razer Naga or Logitech G600.

  • Wired and wireless mode

The most exciting feature of this best MMO mouse is that it comes with the option to switch between wired and wireless mode. It is considered as a great feature. Furthermore, the 2.4 GHz USB wireless connection also works flawlessly and had zero stutters during the testing. However, it is worth noting that the overall performance of this mouse may drop a bit when switching to wireless mode.

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Pros & Cons

  • Superb tracking
  • High-quality build
  • The mouse can quickly be switched between the wired and wireless connection
  • 2.4ghz USB connection
  • Pricey
  • It takes some time to use to

7. Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED

Besides the price tag, there are no OTHER downsides to the Logitech G903.  When we talk about the quality to price ratio, the mouse is pretty much in-line with the rest of the brands. The mouse allows you to enjoy the best gaming experience. It is also called as the best MMO mouse.

  • Main features of Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED

The level of features and functionalities allow you to get the best gaming experience. It is considered as the best gaming mouse mouse2019 that will enable you to enjoy the following features.

  • Buttons/Scroll Wheel

The G903 comes with 11 customizable keys; you can attach all at once. You can stick to the original two side buttons and makes the G903 an excellent choice for all-around gaming without the use of cable fuss. However, if you play FPS, go ahead and stick with the 2 to 4 side buttons.

  • Build Quality

The design of the mouse conscious people does argue that the looks are not precisely aligned with the price tag. However, it supports the classic Logitech black and blue combination on a hard plastic cover.

It is fascinating to know that mechanical switches are very responsive that the Logitech G903 looks fragile.  Moreover, G903 is very strong and stable, which makes it undoubtedly future-proof.

  • Sensor

The G903 of the mouse uses the Logitech-exclusive PMW3366, and the company claims that claim that it is one of the best sensors for a gaming mouse. However, it is also claimed that the PMW3366 optical sensor achieves up to 16000 DPI. The DPI can exceed up to a maximum of 12000.

According to Logitech, the mouse can reach up to 24 hours of gameplay time that makes it great for long gaming sessions. If you find yourself at a low battery, you can also plug in the charger and get in.  However, thanks to the Logitech Powerplay feature that lets you charge your mouse, and you can use it at the same time.

  • Weight

If we talk about the weight, the G903 is light weighted at just 110 g that makes it ideal for MMOs. You can also attach moderately high DPI to get a better chance.

  • Hand Size/Grip

If you find comfort in right-handed-focused mice, there is a need to adjust for some time before getting used to the G903. Here is good news for the left-handed players because the overall ergonomics are not well suited for righties.

Moreover, the device also baffles the older G303 felt more comfortable for claw grip gamers. If you are a palm grip player, the mouse will not affect you as much.

  • Software

It is fascinating to know that G903 uses the Logitech G software with a universal program for the brand. We can see also that G903 is good enough, and you can easily adjust the DPI from 200 to 12000. Furthermore, you can also enable or disable the lights according to your wish.

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Pros & Cons

  • No noticeable input lag
  • Excellent sensor
  • Customizable buttons
  • Best used with mouse mat
  • Not very ergonomic because of ambidextrous shape

8. Zowie EC2-A

Zowie mice are considered as the dominated professional gaming mice that have made a name for itself as the most used CS: GO gaming mouse. It is the best MMO mouse because the mouse is lightweight, simple, and highly accurate with minimal buttons.

  • Buttons/Scroll Wheel

There are no so many fancy features in the MMO gaming mice, but it is also not without highlights. It is essential to keep in mind that there is no software, no DPI button on the mouse. Moreover, there are only two side buttons and a non-flexible but rubberized scroll.

Overall, there are five buttons for left-right clicks and the scroll button along with the two buttons on the left side.

  • Build Quality

Many people also call the Zowie EC2-A barebones. However, in reality, it is more than enough for gamers who want something simple yet effective. Although the BenQ mouse is not so visually appealing, it considered one of the most reliable gaming mice ever to grace on everything.

  • Sensor

The Zowie EC2-A uses a 3310 optical sensor that is enough for general gaming and also best for FPS. However, there is a minor issue of slight acceleration and mouse smoothing, but there is no need to worry.

It is fascinating to know that the EC2-A works better on games such as CSGO, CoD, R6 Siege, and battle royale games. The DPI may only achieve a maximum of 3200 that makes it more than enough to make a decent gaming mouse for the fans of MMORPG.

  • Weight

The mouse may look bulky, but the EC2-A is the lightest mouse on this list. You will be amazed to know that the total weight of the MMO mouse is just 97 g that makes it perfect for PvP, PvE, and other competitive online matches.

  • Hand Size/Grip

It is the best mouse for MMO and FPS because the design of the mouse is quite ambidextrous and slightly smaller than the Zowie EC1-A. It is fantastic to know that the mouse does its job effectively on online role-playing games. Moreover, both claw grip and palm grip players can find satisfaction.

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Pros & Cons

  • Light-weighted
  • No software
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Ergonomic shape
  • No software
  • Fewer features
  • Limited DPI range

9. Logitech G600

THE Logitech G600 is considered as the best MMO mouse 2019. It is the best budget mouse for MMO and MOBA. The main reason for the popularity of the G600 is that it has a large number of highly configurable thumb buttons.

  • Main features of Logitech G600

The gamers who are looking for the mouse that looks good and performs just right to give you that competitive edge, there is nothing best as the Logitech G600. The dominant features are the following:

  • Buttons/Scroll Wheel

Along with two additional middle buttons, the G600 also comprises 12 side buttons that you can customize. These buttons are considered as perfect for mapping hotkeys.

  • Build Quality

The overall design of the G600 is quite likable, and RGB colors are looking good, and the added buttons make you look like a legit pro MMO gamer. It is essential to know that the G600 is coated in plastic. However, the scroll wheel is rubberized. All the three primary buttons have a lifespan of approximately 20 million clicks.

  • Sensor

It is fantastic to know that Logitech claims it uses a gaming-grade laser sensor. There is nothing wrong with laser sensors, but it does have significant differences versus optical sensors. The best MMO mouse performs faster performance with quicker response times, on-point acceleration along with zero smoothings.

The sensor itself is the main reason by which the G600 is the cheapest. Furthermore, it has a lower DPI range from 250 to 8200 resolution that is still good for MMO.

  • Weight

The weight of the mouse is approximately 133 g. It is quite cumbersome, especially for RPGs. However, the pressure is suitable for FPS, especially the sniper types.

  • Hand Size/Grip

Claw grip players beware because the G600 may feel uncomfortable for them.  It seems that Logitech mouse is purposefully designed for palm grips only. The G600 is considered as the best choice at home on most popular modern MMORPGs, and it performs excellently.

However, it is essential to know that the G600 is not bad at all, especially for a laser sensor-based mouse. The middle row side buttons do feel far for small hands. We can also say that the overall comfort of this mouse is just for a few hours.

  • Software

It is essential to know that the G600 interface includes the usual button mapping with DPI calibration. Along with DPI calibration, the software also allows you to adjust the DPI buttons on how much resolutions you want to add or reduce.

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Pros & Cons

  • Thumb buttons
  • Buttons allow for customization
  • Feels comfortable
  • Light-weighted
  • Not suited for claw grip
  • Button feel is not best as Razer Naga
  • The sensor is not good as DeathAdder

10. ROCCAT Tyon

If you are looking for a high-performing MMO mouse on a budget, there is no one popular as The ROCCAT Tyon. It is an all-action dedicated mouse with 14 programmable buttons. You will be amazed to know that it is the best MMO mouse because It uses advanced technology to get you the most practical features.

  • Main features of ROCCAT Tyon

The mouse is specifically designed for the people who are looking to enjoy the best gaming experience at affordable prices. Here is the description of some notable features of ROCCAT Tyon:

  • DPI

This mouse allows you to get a reliable precision at up to 8200 DPI. You can find it useful since there is no need for higher DPI to play most MMO games. The most exciting thing about this mouse is that it utilizes button duplicator technology.

  • Design

It is fascinating to know that the thumb buttons of the mouse also include an Xcelerator. There is also a Fin switch to give you more control over your moves. However, the customizable light settings allow you to change the color of the scroll wheel.

  • Performance

The MMO mouse allows you to get reliable performance and give you excellent ergonomics.  However, the fascinating thing about this model is, the button placement follows the natural curves of your hand. In this way, you can get rid of any extra stress.

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Pros & Cons

  • Xcelerator
  • Easy Shift + technology
  • Full-color spectrum illumination
  • Allows you to get natural hand grip
  • The software may have some problems
  • May take some time to get used to

Why Choose An MMO Mouse?

At this stage, you might be thinking that what is the difference between an MMO mouse and other mice available in today’s market? Is there a need for those buttons? The answer is yes, yes, you do.

When you play MMO’s, there is a great need to make use of input commands, binds, and functions. The additional buttons make all the difference in the heat of battle. It is essential to know that the ergonomic position of these buttons is something that more competitive players worry themselves with, but it should be considered.

However, using an MMO mouse for other forms of gaming can be a real pain. The reason is that they are usually bulkier, heavier, and packed with buttons. It is essential to keep in mind that purchasing the best MMO mouse is a trick little bit.

It is essential to know that MMO’s like World of Warcraft has a whole other kind of complexity as compared to other games. To get better performance in-game, the mouse must have a must to have TONS of key bindings. For this purpose, the best MMO mouse is targeted merely at macro-management. It usually comes with a lot of extra hotkey on the side and designed to enhance the performance in-game.

Things to consider while choosing the best MMO mouse

Purchasing the best MMO mouse is a little bit tricky. There is a great need to look for some considerations in mind. Here is the description of some significant points that you must keep in mind while purchasing.


The sensor is considered an essential component of the best MMO mouse. However, these are not much difference between optical and laser mice instead of the technology that the mice use for lighting. CMOS sensors in mice are optical that work by capturing images always and then comparing these images. The images are obtained to conclude which ways and how far the mouse has moved.


Dots-per-inch or DPI is known as another critical characteristic of the best MMO mouse. One of the biggest myths about this mouse that higher DPIs are better than lower DPIs. However, the sensors inside the MMO mice are not designed for the higher DPIs.


It is essential to need to find the right DPI for you as well as a game that you are playing. Many mice come with extremely high DPIs that are quite extreme seeing. Most of the gamers are just fine with mid-range DPIs.


When we talk about DPIs, there comes another critical factor that is surface. It is essential to know on which surface you are using the mouse and what kind of mouse pad you have. These two factors positively affect the performance of any mouse.

Grip Style

Another critical thing that will help you in choosing the best MMO mouse is the determination of your grip type. You can get the mouse grip that works best for you, so it is essential to consider this when buying an MMO mouse.


Many gamers prefer a palm grip that means the whole palm grasps the mouse. On the other hand, some players grip their mice like a claw that seems unique because the fingers tend to arch up. However, another grip type is classified as a fingertip grip that is very hard to become a professional because you are going to use the tips of your fingers to move the mouse at high sensitivities.


 Button position

Along with the grip, button position on your MMO mouse is also crucial. It is essential to know that you are going to have to understand what you are pressing without even glancing at the mouse. Many gamers use their full thumb and press buttons hard. On the other hand, some people touch buttons with the tip of their thumb and fingers.


If you are going to buy the best MMO mouse, it is essential to determine the substantial distinction between the buttons that are considered as good for you. However, some gamers can quickly determine where one button ends and another begin, but some may not. They need a mouse that can help them distinguish between buttons better.

Long-term Quality

As we know that some MMO mice can be quite expensive. However, the purchase is worth it if it is going to last. It is essential to understand that gamers are very hard on their mice and expect them to continue a long time without decreasing performance. If the mouse is expensive, it and more substantial does not mean it is sturdier and will last longer. Before buying the MMO gaming mouse, hold the MMO mouse and test it out if possible.

Macros and Software

The best MMO mouse shouldn’t be hard to program and handle. It is essential to know that exact and straightforward macros can be easy to create and use. Always make sure that you are buying one that has the macros abilities you need.

Furthermore, make sure the MMO mouse you are buying has all of the game profiles that you are looking for. Some mice that can switch patterns or characters with a simple press of a button are known as excellent.  However, not all of them have these capabilities.

Pricing and Features


You are making a new investment, so thinking about pricing and features is very crucial.  Always keep the budget in your mind, and what do you want out of the mouse? Make sure that either you want a wired mouse or a wireless mouse. You can also think that how often do you game and how long you want this MMO mouse to last in your range.

Ergonomic Design

Another significant factor of any mouse is the ergonomic design. Now modern-day gamers put in hours of practice of becoming the best version of their gaming self. On the other hand, if you don’t have an ergonomically designed mouse, your hand can end up with high levels of stress and pressure. If you want to boost the gaming experience and charm for longer, always get a mouse that has been designed with ergonomics in mind.

Buttons in Bulk

It is one of the most crucial defining elements of the best MMO mouse. A gaming mouse with lots of buttons is considered exceptional and ideal for playing. Several gaming mice generally offer three or four buttons to configure. In general practice, there is a scroll wheel button, button on the pinkish side of the hand, main left and right-click. The best MMO mouse supple ten or more than ten pins.


It was all about the best MMO gaming mouse reviews. If you are looking to buy the gaming mouse, the above detail is enough for you. Gamers love the best MMO mouse all over the world because it allows you to enjoy the significant advantages over a standard mouse while gaming. It is essential to understand that the gaming mouse is ergonomic and will enable you to play games with comfort for long periods. Furthermore, the best MMO gaming mouse is also built to be more precise and accurate. However, you can easily choose the best one according to your desire and budget.


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